MECA Auto Sound Challenge
MECA Auto Sound Challenge

Do you love your mobile sound system? Show it off! Gas up your car, van, truck, RV, or vehicle of your choice and head to Springboro, Ohio for the MECA Auto Sound Challenge on July 9th, 2016! This is a sanctioned event by the nationally renowned Mobile Electronics Competition Association (MECA), so make sure you don't miss out on free food, fun, prizes...and of course, bragging rights!

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MECA Auto Sound Challenge registration will open at 9AM, July 9th, 2016. Please drive your car to the registration tent and a staff member will show you where to park.

Event Schedule

Judging will begin at 10AM, with all classes being judged continuously throughout the day. Trophies and prizes will be awarded around 5PM.


Show and Shine

This is a car/truck/motorcycle show including Domestic Mild, Domestic Wild, Import Mild, Import Wild, Truck Mild, Truck Wild, SUV/Van/Vintage, M/C, TBD.

8 classes - $20

Concert Car Showdown

Competing in MECA's Sound Quality League is all about sound quality and excellence of installation. It's not about product, personalities, or politics. It's about performance. Live, rich, full-balanced sound is what we listen for. Safety and outstanding appearance are what we look for, displaying the talents and skills of our Members, and our Retail Members who provide professional installation services.

Sound Quality - 7 classes - $30
Install - 4 classes - $30
RTA Freq Out - $30
SQ2 - $55

SPL Smackdown

Winning at MECA Sound Pressure League contests is not solely dependent on how much money is spent and what equipment is run. The classification based on clamped power and cone area puts efficiency ahead of all else, and makes the contest very fair. The clamping equipment doesn't care what amplifier it is measuring, only how much current(amperage) is drawn. This allows everyone a chance, even if they aren't hardcore competitors. So if the question, "Should I compete?" enters your mind, the answer is a resounding YES! because our rules will afford everyone a chance. Our Judges and Members will also be happy to help you learn and grow.

Sound Pressure - 15 classes - $30
Park & Pound - 5 classes - $30
Extra tests (time permitting) - $5
MECA Kids - $10 with adult entry

MECA Kids is our bass music contest within the SPL Smackdown, using powerwheels toys incorporating audio systems, operated by MECA Kids.

Dueling Demos

This class is intended to recognize the strongest music systems with regard to power and intensity. Vehicles go head to head to demonstrate the most impressive audio systems.

Bumper to Bumper Challenge Matches - $25
3 Classes - Street, Modified, Extreme (classes based on system design)


There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner within each class taking home a trophy and some serious bragging rights! There will be other prizes to win as well!

MECA Member Discount

There's nothing better than saving money! MECA Members get a $5 discount on each audio contest (with the exception of SQ2 and Dueling Demos). Memberships are $30/yr. If you are interested in signing up as a MECA Member, please see the contact information below or visit their website.

Information / Contact

Have questions? Please feel free to reach out to our MECA representative, Steve! You can reach him by phone at 615-851-7428, or you can email him.