Photos from the 2010 Midwest Audio Fest Speaker Design Competition

The 2010 Speaker Design Competition took place at the Holiday Inn Express right here in Springboro. Entrants in the Speaker Building Competition arrived at the Meet and Greet event Friday in anticipation of the competition.

In order to help us plan for this event, participants pre-registered via this website to enter the Speaker Design Competition. Speaker projects lined the walls as designers gathered to present their creations before a panel of judges including D.B. (Don) Keele, Jr., Jerry McNutt, and Michael Mardis.

Each speaker project was evaluated by a panel of independent judges as well as fellow speaker designers. All ballots were tallied and the winners were announced.

There were 3 one-minute snippets of music listened to by the judges. Using a form which included the following areas, the winners were determined:

  • Craftsmanship
  • Originality/Design
  • Tonal Balance
  • Clarity
  • Soundstage/Imaging

The Final Results:

Dayton Audio --
Speaker project must use at least one Dayton Audio driver in the design. Any dollar amount or size.

First Place Ed Froste - #2 FCSB

Second Place Kata Maekawa - #24 P-nocchio

Third Place Eric Levenchuck - #26 MOlly

Open Drivers (any brand, any type, no restrictions)
Speaker project can include any brand drivers. Note: The dollar amount limits are for the speaker pair.

I). Projects <$200 / speaker to build ($ limit for drivers only)

First Place Jim Griffin - #23 Bipolar Dreams

Second Place Eric Levenchuck - #27 EL-2

Third Place Tom Bond - #6 Jyuuken

II). Projects >$200 / speaker to build ($ limit for drivers only)

First Place Bogdan Petrescu - #33 Born in USA

Second Place Paul Kittinger - #4 Sonatello

Third Place Ben "Wolf" Shaffer - #11 Attitudes

Open Unlimited
Speaker Projects that are active or cannot be categorized in the other 2 areas.

First Place Dan Neubecker - #32 Blades

Second Place Jonathan Bluhm - #36 Bluhm09

Third Place Leo Frank - #17 Cancans

Video highlights from the 2010 Parts Express Speaker Design Competition

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